This campaign is run by Friends of the Guelph Centre for Urban Organic Farming (Friends of The Farm).

Since exploration of a possible new Honey Bee Research Centre (HBRC) began Fall 2016, The Farm and the public has been told the HBRC will be adjacent to the GCUOF, leaving The Farm intact. Draft site plans by the three finalist architects were released late June 2019 and revealed that most of The Farm site will be the new HBRC site.

The Farm has received no formal notice of a major construction disruption to farm activities or the reduction of the farm site up to 70+% to be occupied by the new HBRC.

Left with less than one acre after a multi-year complete disruption due to construction, The Farm will not be viable.

The process to build the new HBRC must be paused and a new site found for the new HBRC.

Draft HBRC site plans

The draft HBRC plans show the intended extent of site reduction to The Farm. None of the draft plans come close to a spatial collaboration – this is not ‘adjacent’ or ‘synergistic’ as the OAC has repeatedly stated. Since this discovery, repeated efforts have been made to urge stakeholders to seek another location but unfortunately have been dismissed.

It has also recently been made clear the HBRC does not want to partner with The Farm.

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To destroy The Farm undermines what the University states it works for. Friends of The Farm doesn’t believe this is what the University and wider community wants. Will you stand with us?